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As I lay there in a pool of sweat, I can feel You
You are thrashing though my veins like wildfire
I cannot control the hunger for You that I crave
I am desperate for Your touch, I need You
My body aches with out You being near mine
And I cannot let it dominate me any longer

Every time I breathe, You become one with my soul
Twisting inside of me, overwhelming my mind
Release Your passion and let it burn like never before
Collapse Your inhibitions and become one with me
I am weak and I am falling into You willingly, lovingly
Take me, and I will forever in Your arms be, never to leave...You

From Within

allowing your heart to feel
comes from within the soul
sharing your tears and desires
even when fear and angst is winning

welcoming pain and sorrow
when all you need is tenderness
feeling the spikes of the truth
puncturing your heart like a spear on fire

insanity helps himself to your mind
holding tightly to all thoughts of love
squeezing out morality and hope
to leave you feeling empty and confused

seeing all of these feelings with an open heart
helps to revive the wisdom from within
to fight off all of the evil ugliness
helping your pain be but only a vile memory

Intravenous Desire

Mental derangement overwhelms me, taking over every emotion
All I need is that one single thing to feed my heart the thing matters
Pump it in my veins and it will make me breathe again, be whole again
See with a clearer mind
The only things that are around are clouds of delusion causing time to melt
The thing that I miss, that one simple kiss to send me over the edge
Where are you desire~my only friend I need you now more than ever
Come back to me and you will see that things will be different

Tap into my soul without all the insanity and I will return with enchantment
Fill my veins with promise and you will see that tomorrow never delivers
The extravagant nature of my desire for you will not harm this place I hold sweet
Let me inject you into my soul and kill off any fear and defeat
Bring me the yearnings I need for survival, so that the madness will come to an end
And in the end, desire and love will have taken over all compulsion and hate
Letting you run through my soul was my perfect fate


Unspoken Words

Never speaking the thoughts that were infecting your mind
Unaware that those I had were the same provocative kind
Devouring my soul with that sweet scent sending the body no other choice
Blurring my visions with your sensual erotic voice

The devious nature in the way that you spoke would make me melt from its potion
Finally realizing that your eyes were dancing on my skin causing the most poetic commotion
Wanting our lips to meet again the dreamy way that they had
Causing me to want and crave you so undeniably bad

The intentions of your lust were controlling my thoughts and their complexity
Becoming a weak slave to your every desire and sexuality
Take me in your arms and make me a believer in your touch
Feeling your sensations have caused a feverish shiver in such
That you and I will no longer be able to hide
The devilish compulsions for the other kept deep down inside

The words were never even spoken only impulsively glared
Looking into the other one's compelling soul was only dared
For it would devour your heart and every thought so absurd
I will always hold dear and cherish forever every unspoken word



beaming out from every inner thought
i will shine
enticing you with my brightness
i will shine
drawing you in with all that curiosity
i will shine
opening your eyes for the first time
i will shine
deeply warming your soul
i will shine
erasing all of your darkness
i will shine
killing all of your insanity
i will shine
holding your heart close to mine
i will shine
for you


All I want is You
My mind
Disrupting my innocence
Cause your Fire
Make it hot
Burn me
Make me want You more
And I will hurt You
I am waiting
All I want is You
Causing Your misery and Pain
Disturb Me
Inside I can feel You and
how undeniable strong You are
Make it burn
Let Yourself melt with me
Make me want to burn You back
Make it burn
Make it hurt so damn bad that I want it even more
I love You
Now tell me You love me
And mean it this time


Move me with your ever yearning soul
Enlighten me with your enticing spirit
Blind me with those frightening, sparkling eyes
I am swept away with your captivating touch

Feel Me
Move Me
Blind Me
But always allow me to know your love

Speak to me, but not with words
Breathe in my sensuality and let it consume you
Let it feel you
Let it enlighten you
Even let it blind you
But always let yourself feel my love

Your face speaks volumes; I become addicted to your hypnotic eyes
Your haunting voice challenges me, devouring my thoughts
I will always long for you
I will always desire you
Promise that you will always allow yourself to feel me my soul


shooting stars.......

kiss me, bliss me
screw me, be new me to me
please never lie

bite me, fight me
shackle me, despite me
never leave me to cry

cuff me, bluff me
lover me, hover me
don't leave me wondering why

know me, own me
show me, grow with me
always look me in the eye

empower me, devour me
freak me, bleed me
do not ever let me die

hold me, be old with me
be bold with me, never be cold to me
together we can watch the stars fly across the sky


Writer's Block: You're my best friend

If you could shrink any animal down to miniature size and carry it around in your pocket, which animal would you choose?

A Giraffe.
In this world, we take things for granted, the little things and never really stop to look at the rain when it falls form the precious sky.
When was last time you heard the rain?